By participating, you agree to adhere to these rules set by PaAJ:

1. When posting a message to the list server, you must include your tag line: Your name, firm name, e-mail, city, and phone #. No anonymous postings are allowed. Your office's e-mail program may have a feature that will automatically insert this type of information in your outgoing messages.

2. If you prefer that members respond directly to you rather than to the entire group, please state this preference clearly. Again, the above identifying information must be included in every message.

3. If you can answer another member's question, please take a moment to respond. This is YOUR discussion group -- only member participation can make it an effective communication tool for exchanging ideas and information.

4. Do not post anything on this service that you would not want the world to see or that you would not want anyone to know came from you. Although PaAJ exists to primarily serve plaintiffs' & workers' comp claimants' attorneys, PaAJ has a diverse membership, which may represent either plaintiffs or defendants.

5. Questions and information posted to the list server should be directly related to the purpose of the list. Never forward jokes, chain letters, personal messages, or other non-related messages to this list.

6. PaAJ reserves the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these user Guidelines and Rules or fails to pay PaAJ dues.

**Please be advised that our system is not equipped to handle recalled messages on any of our list servers. The recall feature (on some e-mail programs) is not to be used for messages on PaAJ's lists as technical problems will result.**

**To suspend service of this list server for any period of time, you may log in to your account via our web site.
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I agree that:

1. These rules are enforceable by the PaAJ Executive Committee. Use of email list servers is a privilege and may be revoked by my breach of this agreement.

2. I take personal responsibility for actions performed using my email address on any present or future PaAJ list server, unless I allege fraudulent use of my email address.

3. My final redress in case my list server privileges are revoked is an appeal to the PaAJ Executive Committee. PaAJ may change the terms of use at its sole discretion. If additional changes are posted after PaAJ receives my acceptance, PaAJ may assume that I accept them unless I affirmatively opt out if and when such future changes are announced.

4. I accept full responsibility for any copyright infringement or other legal actions that may be brought against PaAJ as a result of information that I post. I will indemnify and hold PaAJ and its agents harmless from any claims and suits including but not limited to copyright, trademark, negligence, contract, interference with contract relations and defamation, arising from any information that I post or from my use of the list server.

This may be enforced by an action at law or equity, and neither remedy shall be exclusive. I give PaAJ and other users of this service free use of the material I post or from my use of the list server. PaAJ accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted or circulated by users. I understand that PaAJ does not warrant the accuracy of any information posted on the list server, that PaAJ disclaims all warranties with regard to information circulated by the group.

In no event shall PaAJ be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever resulting from the loss of use, data, or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of or performance of any information posted on the list server, and that PaAJ accepts no responsibility for damage to my computer system or business delays caused by computer viruses, worms, or other infections that may emerge from this list server. It is my responsibility to protect my computer from infections, data loss, and damage to my computer system.

5. I will not circulate any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or illegal matter. I will not circulate material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner to disseminate the information without restriction. By posting material, I represent that I own the copyright or have permission from the copyright owner to disseminate the material without restriction. Also, by posting, I grant PaAJ and users of the list server the right to copy and publish such information without restriction.

6. I am aware that the list servers are not secure, and that although PaAJ exists to promote the interests of plaintiffs' and claimants' lawyers and their clients, many members handle defense work only, and many handle some defense work. Many members have relationships, business and personal, with people or entities that may not share PaAJ's goals. PaAJ does not guarantee that all users at all times are in compliance with list server rules.

7. I will not forward or otherwise distribute list server messages to non-list server subscribers with whom I do not practice law.

8. I will not solicit clients through PaAJ list servers. I will not use a PaAJ list server to promote business ventures. I will not sell or disseminate lists of list server users. I will not post announcements for non-PaAJ events, or solicitations for political campaigns, or solicitations for charities or other non-profits without the express written permission of the Executive Director of PaAJ.

9. My posts to the list server will be directly related to the purpose of the list server.

10. Every message that I send to the list server will contain information adequate to identify myself.

11. I understand that PaAJ does not actively monitor the list server. PaAJ may read and reproduce anything that I post.

12. I agree to withdraw from the list server or list servers when I cease to be a member of PaAJ or the sponsoring committee or section, or when I no longer comply with these rules.

13. I understand that membership in some PaAJ list servers may be restricted and may require my acceptance of additional rules of that specific list server. As of August 2008, two list servers have additional requirements, the Medical Malpractice List Server and the Koken Plaintiffs’ Only List Server. These are set forth in the Affidavits for each List. The special additional requirements are not negated by this agreement and remain in force. Any inconsistency between the Med Mal and Koken list server requirements and these shall be resolved by the Executive Committee.

14. I agree and accept these terms.