What’s your opinion about our organization’s name?
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By Lisa Benzie & Phil Hof

In 2007, members voted to change our name from the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association to Pennsylvania Association for Justice.

Our former name recognizes who we are, and the current one pays tribute to what we do. Even today, both names stir passionate debate among trial lawyers.

It may sound trivial, but asking questions about the effectiveness of our name is fundamental to our mission of preserving civil justice.

In July, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to re-examine these issues and determine if we should change our name back. Over the past five months we have talked informally with fellow members, our colleagues around the country and our national association, members of the judiciary, and elected representatives.

It’s been an informative and rewarding dialogue, but our work is not complete. We have yet to hear from the most important stakeholders: You, the members of the association.

An online survey has been sent soon to all voting members. This survey is informal, but the results will help our Board of Governors decide how to move forward.

Look for your email survey and please complete it. Contact us directly if you have questions or comments.

Lisa Benzie ( and Phil Hof ( are Co-Chairs of PAJ’s Name Change Committee.