Benefit from your PAJ Membership
Access the information, cases, services and professional contacts you need to strengthen your practice

Access news and services.  PAJ is committed to providing tools to make you more successful in your practice:  weekly Members' News Brief, an online member directory, TrialSmith’s deposition bank & other research tools at a great discount, and active committees on all aspects of trial law. Our member-only newspaper, PAJustice News, is published 6 times annually and continues to evolve to serve you with a new digital edition. 

Learn through our top-rated education.  PAJ offers one of Pennsylvania’s finest educational programs on topics desgined to make you a better trial lawyer. Expert lawyers teach you their best  trial tactics and the latest case law & legal developments.  PAJ Members save money on every course!  With over 30 
live & telephone seminars each year, and now on-line/on-demand, come to PAJ for your CLE needs. 

Connect with section list servers. PAJ’s section list servers are the association’s most popular service. By exchanging information with each other by email or through our website, members stay up-to-date on case law and legal developments and are better able to serve their clients in the pursuit of civil justice. One Member said: “I've saved countless hours of research, avoided mistakes, and most importantly obtained great results for my clients.”

Legal publications. PAJ is the only trial lawyers association in the country with its own suite of self-published books. All are written by their areas' foremost Pennsylvania experts, all PAJ members.

Protect your clients through our legislative advocacy.  Our legislative team and countless volunteers fight to protect the interests of the wrongfully injured in Pennsylvania. We educate the legislature and the public about issues that affect them and mobilize support for laws that uphold access to the courts. Our political action committee, LAWPAC, supports candidates who understand the importance of civil justice in upholding the rights of Pennsylvania’s citizens. Consider contributing to LAWPAC .

Amicus curiae briefs.  In countless appellate cases, a committed group of PAJ members writes briefs supporting the rights of plaintiffs. Amicus Curiae is one of the behind-the-scenes ways PAJ supports your profession and your clients.

Client resources. We've developed 4 New Web Sites to help you keep your clients informed and engaged on the issues you care about. A new Client Information brochure published by PAJ gives your clients the facts about what happens if you don't have adequate auto insurance.

Communications tools.  Through op-eds, letters-to-the-editor, press releases and blogs, PAJ argues on the behalf of justice and the consumer to ensure every wronged citizen’s right to a fair trial remains paramount. The Association also prepares fact papers and other materials for members who wish to communicate with the public and news media about civil justice in Pennsylvania. 

Save with services from Justice Business Partners.  Many companies provide terrific services and discounts to PAJ Members, as they join with us in our pro-civil justice mission.  PAJ welcomes its Justice Business Partners.

PAJ's services help you save money, improve your practice 
and protect your clients.   We are working for you! 

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