Section E-Mail Listservs

What is a List Server?

PaAJ's most popular member benefit! Through a list server, section members exchange e-mail messages with other members across the state. Members discuss a wide range of issues relating to their practices. On a listserv you can:

  • see announcements of verdicts & decisions
  • learn about current case law
  • exchange briefs & pleadings
  • discuss case strategies
  • seek information about defense experts
  • get recommendations for plaintiff experts
  • share trial tactics
  • refer cases
  • ask about other counties' procedures
  • hear about relevant legislation
  • and much more

Members of the PaAJ Auto Law, Workers' Comp, Bad Faith, Med Mal* & New Lawyer Sections can enroll in their respective list servers. Section membership requires additional dues (New Lawyer Section is free members in practice 10 yrs or less). Click here to download an application.

Click here for more information on PaAJ's new Law Office List Server for office managers, human resources managers, and sole practitioners.

To enroll in your section's listserv contact Robert Bershad at or (215) 546-6451 X101. 

"Having access to the ideas of other attorneys on the listservs is like having dozens of 'partners' in the practice of law. Almost everyday, I learn something new."
Joseph J. Baldassari, Esq.
Furey & Baldassari, P.C.
Fairview Village, Montgomery County

"Why reinvent the wheel? I've saved countless hours of research, avoided mistakes, and most importantly obtained great case results."
Joseph M. De Simone, Esq.
Law Office of Joseph M. De Simone, P.C.
Bensalem, Bucks County

"Thank you for making the listserv such a great service for all of us who use it. I've picked up many tips on experts, cutting edge legal issues and trial strategy. The service has really been a great aid to my practice"
Slade H. McLaughlin, Esq.
The Beasley Firm
Philadelphia County

* NOTE: Medical Malpractice Section Listserv is available only to members representing plaintiffs. Additional eligibility requirements. Click here for key information about this listserv.

Not sure if you're already a section member? Check your listing in the member directory.