PAJ Public Service Projects

Join our End Distracted Driving campaign 

Help teens make safer driving choices with our End Distracted Driving talks at Pennsylvania high schools. Learn more. 



Let PAJ help you show the documentary, "Hot Coffee" 

"Hot Coffee" is a powerful teaching tool to raise public awareness about the gutting of our civil justice system. PAJ is providing DVDs at no charge to Members to show Hot Coffee to their law firm staff, clients, and in law school classrooms.
•  Watch the movie in a group setting, then lead a discussion. PAJ will provide you with points to help you stimulate discussion.

•  PAJ Members request a DVD using this form or purchase a copy of the DVD.

•  Tell us about your experience. Your feedback to PAJ after the screening will help others. 

Craig Giangiulio, PAJ Executive Director
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Adam Wolfe, Esq., Future Leaders Section Member
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