Replay of New DPW Rules on Liens: A Must Attend (Effective 09/08/07)
A PaAJ Telephone Seminar (No CLE Credits)

Replay of DPW Liens Seminar (10/3/07) - March 10, 2008 Noon - 1:15pm Registration

Pennsylvania DPW announced new policies for lien recovery effective September 8, 2007. Among other things, these new rules seek to:

-- Limit how plaintiffs can allocate a settlement between pain and suffering and medical expense.
-- Require repayment even where the statute of limitations has run on a claim for medical expense.
-- Restrict the plaintiff’s ability to withdraw a claim for medical expense.
-- Eliminate the “make whole” argument.
-- Require notice to DPW of any attempt at allocation.
-- Prohibit allocating more than one-half of the recovery to pain and suffering and wage loss.

THESE RULES APPLY TO EVERY TORT CLAIM in PENNSYLVANIA — auto accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall — where DPW has paid the medical expense. These changes are immediately effective, and you need to be aware of them!

Original Faculty:John P. Gismondi, Esq., Scott B. Cooper, Esq., Jason A. Matzus, Esq. and Jason W. Manne, Esq.
Opportunities for Live Q&A with John P. Gismondi, Esq. and Scott B. Cooper, Esq.

PaTLA Members: $69
Non-Members: $99