About Committees

All PAJ members are welcome to join committees and we especially encourage new members who are not currently active to get involved in this way.
By participating in a committee you not only advance PAJ's goals, but you also have the opportunity to meet and interact with trial attorneys from across the state who share your interests. 
  • Make an impact on the future of your association and profession 
  • Meet and interact with attorneys from across the state
  • Advance PAJ's goals
  • Great way for members to get involve
To review your committees go to My Committees
To join a committee, please email Pamela Herman at or call the PAJ office at 215.546.6451. Note: Some committees seats are appointed by the President.

The Committees

Amicus Curiae Committee Reviews cases on appeal for possible amicus curiae involvement by filing briefs in the appellate courts. (Application required).
Budget & Finance Committee Proposes an annual budget for the Association.
Constitution/By-Laws Committee Has jurisdiction over matters relating to the maintenance and revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of this Association.
Convention Committee Plans the association's annual retreat/convention.
Diversity Committee Provides a forum for issues which affect minorities, to see to it that all such issues are brought to the attention of the Board of Governors, and that appropriate actions consistent with the objectives of this Association are taken.
Education Committee Develops continuing legal education programs for the Association.
Election Oversight Committee Resolves questions or disputes concerning the election of the Board of Governors or Officers. Chair and Committee appointed upon need.
Future Leaders Section Formerly the New Lawyer Section, this group is open to all attorney members in practice less than 10 years. Its executive council is made up of more active members, and helps set the agenda and goals for the Section. 
LAWPAC Fund Development Committee Creates and implements strategies to procure dollars for LAWPAC, our bipartisan political action committee. LAWPAC supports candidates in statewide elections who believe in the advocacy system, trial by jury, and tort recovery.
Judicial Relations Committee Serves as liaison between the Association and the federal and state courts of Pennsylvania.
Legislative Policy Committee Has jurisdiction over all matters which relate to the Pennsylvania Legislature. The Committee has the power to act on legislative matters between meetings of the Board of Governors.
Long Range Planning Committee Helps define PAJ's mission and objectives beyond the next year, and to formulate a workable action plan.
Membership Committee Maintains the membership of the Association, solicits new members, and recommends the formation of new classes of membership.
Nominating Committee Recommends nominees for the office of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, LAWPAC Trustees, State Delegates and Governors for the American Association for Justice.
Publications Committee Oversees all matters concerning PAJ's publications.
Women Lawyers Committee Provides a forum for the discussion of issues of interest to women trial lawyers.