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Stratos Legal believes your cases are too important to entrust to just any litigation support company. That is why Stratos Legal has taken trial-related assistance to the next level. We call it critical support. At Stratos, we utilize the very latest technology for deposition services, records retrieval, videography, document collection, and data management. Stratos has an edge; many of us are seasoned legal professionals. We know first-hand what it takes to successfully prepare your cases for trial. We also have the best people in the industry. We are constantly available to our clients. You can look to Stratos Legal with confidence for critical support throughout the life of your litigation. We are taking trial related services to the next level. Visit or call 800-971-1127. Contact Mike Horvath 610.428.0180 or



For more than twelve years, Precise, Inc. has provided a comprehensive suite of collaborative litigation support services to help law firms and corporate legal teams manage litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner.  Precise's suite of eDiscovery solutions and trial support services include forensic data collection and ESI processing capabilities, records and information management expertise, intuitive document review, and professional trial consultation complete with custom graphics and animation, video production services and sophisticated courtroom presentations.
Owned and operated by attorneys, Precise is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, with offices in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. To learn more about Precise’s collaborative litigation support services, please visit or call 412-281-8699.




Digital Justice offers full-service litigation support from discovery to winning verdict! We have spent over 3700 days in court since the inception of our company 8 years ago. When it comes to Trial Presentation, our experienced technicians are completely knowledgeable of the equipment, setup, and software. We offer an array of services, including video depositions and database creation. Our prices are competitive, our work is superior, and our customers are always satisfied. Contact us today at 1-888-274-2908 or visit us on the web at


Trial Technologies, Inc. uses cutting edge technologies to help you win your case.  We provide complete trial presentation support. Our services include our high-definition patent pending picture-in-picture SuperDepositionsTM, 3D animation and graphic design, interactive timelines, Fetal  Strip ©  Presentations, microscope projection, digitized x-rays, InterNETDEPositions ®, video conferencing, video settlement brochures, and mock jury trials.  We provide interactive SMART BoardsTM and any other hardware needed to turn any room into a high-tech courtroom along with the personnel to run it all. "You don't need to know anything about technology, simply speak and we will do the rest."  James DeCrescenzo, President - Please visit

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