Information regarding changes in account, changes in contribution amount, or revocation of contribution authorization must be received in writing.

AAJ PAC will receive one half of the first $20 and not more than $10 of each monthly contribution, unless designated otherwise in writing, to be used for federal campaigns. The remainder will be received and used by LAWPAC for state campaigns. The contributor may, however, designate that his contribution be designated entirely for LAWPAC or entirely for AAJ PAC. The above allocation formula may change if the contributor makes a contribution which would exceed the amount the contributor may give to AAJ PAC or LAWPAC.

AAJ PAC acts as the collecting agent for LAWPAC. Therefore, if this is a joint contribution, LAWPAC-only contribution or AAJ PAC-only contribution, all drafts may be in the name of AAJ PAC.

IRS DEDUCTIBILITY: None of these contributions is deductible as a charitable contribution under federal law. Contributions to political committees are not tax deductible. The portion of dues paid to the association that is used for lobbying and political purposes are not tax deductible. For 2008, that portion is estimated to be 32%.

FEC DISCLAIMER: Federal law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employers for each individual whose federal contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year. Federal law prohibits federal political committees from accepting corporate contributions. Contributions to political committees are strictly voluntary and no member will be subject to reprisal for declining to contribute. The contribution amount is merely a suggestion and each member is free to contribute more or less than that amount, although particular designations shall apply to those who contribute certain amounts.