Counsel Financial Services provides litigators with flexible revolving credit lines up to $50 million using the value of your contingent cases as collateral. Today, it is the largest provider of attorney funding in the United States and the only law firm financing company endorsed by the American Association of Justice.

Forge Consulting LLC is the first major new firm in the structured settlement industry in more than a decade.  With virtually unmatched financial and legal resources, the experts at Forge provide personalized payment plans for plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits seeking long-term financial structures.  By piecing together the optimal balance between structured annuities and liquid investments, our clients receive lifelong security and valuable tax advantages.  "Forge has been indispensable in working with me to find a path for my clients in very complicated situations.  I am greatly impressed with the company's singular dedication to plaintiffs, which sets it apart from others." -- Ken Rothweiler, Treasurer, Pennsylvania Association for Justice.  Visit Forge  Contact John Bair at Read Forge's comments on how to consider structured settlements in midst of this economic crisis.

Recovery Management was specially created by The Halpern Group to protect, manage and grow the recoveries of negligently-injured people. In trying economic times like these, the strength and safety of Recovery Management becomes an urgent need and obvious choice because (1) our U.S. Treasury Bond Structured Settlement Trust is recognized as the safest of all structured settlements and is the only T-Bond structured settlement trust approved by Congress and the IRS; (2) as a matter of Federal Law, all assets held in all of our Recovery Management Trusts would still be safe and beyond the reach of the bank-Trustee’s creditors should a Trustee fail; and (3) our patented software is modeled on the decade of the Great Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression and was proven to the government to protect people through the most devastating financial climates. 
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 The James Street Group is one of the nation’s premier structured settlement firms, representing only plaintiffs. Our experts represent you and your client in the structured settlement process to ensure that your client’s best interests are protected.  Structured settlements provide financial security with long term, guaranteed, tax free income. An expert from The James Street Group can attend mediations, analyze life care plans, and design custom structured settlement options to protect your client’s financial future.  We also offer structured attorney fees, a dynamic tool for tax planning. Call us when you open your next case, (800) -765-1660. Visit The James Street Group website