Help teens make safer driving choices

Join our campaign to make our roads safer and save lives.  PAJ has partnered with The Casey Feldman Foundation, EndDD.org and 60forSafety.org to demonstrate to high schoolers how they can make better decisions while driving.

The End Distracted Driving presentation is interactive, with all of the tools you’ll need: PowerPoint, videos, and role-playing exercises that will empower young audiences, and get parents and peers to become better role models behind the wheel.

As trial lawyers, we have seen too many families devastated by the death of a loved one, or life altering injury. It’s our opportunity to give back and it only takes a few hours of your time.

Join our campaign and be part of a nationwide safety movement that started here. PAJ Member Joel Feldman, along with wife Dianne Anderson, founded EndDD.org after their daughter Casey was killed by a distracted driver.  Join in with your fellow PAJ members who are helping to reach teens and save lives.

Member Joel Feldman interacts with students in Chester County

Join our safety campaign
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Video in presentation: Just a few seconds
Casey Feldman's story  


-AAA Study: Distracted Driving May be Involved in More Teen Crashes Than Previously Thought – 58% Caused by Driver Distraction
-This Program Changes the Way We Drive
-Recent Data Impels Action, Reflection
-Oh no, I have to speak to students! 

After joining our campaign, access our resource page.

Project Team/Coaches
Joe Chapman, Esq. (jchapman@schmidtkramer.com) 717-232-6300
Mike Davey, Esq. (mdavey@eckellsparks.com)  610-565-3700
Shayna Slater, Esq. (sslater@anapolschwartz.com)  215-735-1130
Chris Marzzacco, Esq. (cmarzzacco@anapolschwartz.com) 717-901-3500

Members Sud Patel and Ryan Bates announce "Schuylkill County Distracted Driver Awareness Week" along with county commissioners, state police troopers and school district leaders.

PAJ invites all Members to participate in this program initiated by our Future Leaders Section. 

Join our safety campaign

Sign up and select a high school  

Give back in your community and help us reach more students across Pennsylvania. You may help save a life.

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