Action Alert

To: PaTLA Members
From: Richard J. Schubert, President
Date: June 14, 2004

It's crunch time for our fight against caps on non-economic damages.

There are less than three weeks left before the Legislature goes home for its summer recess. If caps are not passed before then - the bill is in the House Judiciary Committee right now - then the clock starts all over again.

You all know the basics of the fight we are in: for three years, the entire medical establishment has waged an all out war against the right of our clients to receive full and fair compensation for the injuries they have received. They have thrown everything they can at us - and even stooped to deceiving legislators and scaring patients that doctors were "disappearing."

We've fought back and exposed their deceptions.

But that hasn't stopped them.

They are demanding a vote on the caps bill before recess - even if that means they have to force it out of committee with a discharge petition, which would be unprecedented.

We will continue to fight back against any attempt to take away our clients' rights. No one knows better than us that caps won't work, they aren't fair and the doctors have already received an unprecedented amount of public subsidy. Enough is enough.

If you need additional information, please contact either Executive Director Nancy Mulloy (, 215-546-6451), or our Media Consultant Dan Fee (, 215-893-1150).

To find out who your state representative is, visit, or call PaTLA at 215-546-6451.

As this fight plays out, we will keep you posted.

Thank you.