PAJ's 29th Annual Auto Seminar
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29th Annual Auto Law Materials Overview:

Your Course Planners and Faculty conduct extensive research to provide you with valuable materials. As an attendee of this seminar, you will receive at the seminar:

1:  A Hard Copy book

2:  A CD of the Entire Set of Reference Materials (3358 pages)

3:  A Supplement of Recent Updates (print double sided)

Additional information is available online for you to download. We have provided each of the Chapters that appear on the CD for viewing/downloading in case you would like to review these materials prior to attending the seminar. In addition, you may recognize an area that you desire to bring with you to the seminar. Please be patient as download times vary.


We have also provided some of the slides that have recently become available. These will be provided in the Supplement.

        Updates as of 5/23/2011

          Hot Topics           Zimmerman v. Weis Markets, Inc.
          Koken Case Law Steele v. Kelly and Erie Ins. Co.
          Koken Complaints 
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Reference Materials Outline
Table of Contents

   I.  Case Law Update of First-Party and Third-Party Issues

  II.  2011 Limited Tort Update

 III.  Subrogation and Recovery of Special Damages

 IV. Claims Assessment Software:  
      What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

           Introduction PowerPoint (Selected Slides)
           DeShaw PowerPoint (Selected Slides)

  V.  Hot Topics

               PowerPoint  (Selected Slides)

  VI.  Accident Reconstruction in Pennsylvania

         PowerPoint (Selected Slides)

 VII.  Principles of Crashworthiness & Strict Liability

 VIII.  Update on Current Pennsylvania "Koken" Cases 

         PowerPoint (Selected Slides)

   IX.  Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Update - Spring 2011

    X.  2011 Motor Vehicle Law Update

  Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law